Catalyst Super provides you with a cost-effective solution to ease your compliance burden.

Given our extensive industry experience, we understand that you want to retain control of your client base.  However, our comprehensive solution provides up-to-date, accurate information and practical, reliable solutions cost effectively.  This provides you with the confidence that your SMSF clients are being looked after thereby freeing you from compliance work and allowing you to focus on higher value advisory work.  Through leading edge technology you will have complete visibility of, and access to all documentation relating to your clients’ funds and can communicate any issues, queries or requests to us 24/7 from anywhere in Australia or around the world.

We are committed to supporting your business and are happy to discuss appropriate fee arrangements with you.

Making our service your “branded” service

Catalyst Super offers accounting firms the opportunity to either co-brand or “white label” the SMSF administration service to suit their needs.  We would be delighted to provide you with further information regarding our quality SMSF administration offering for accountants.  Please contact us should you wish to explore these opportunities further.