SMSF Compliance Service

It is critical that you continually meet the ever-changing and rigorous compliance obligations of running your SMSF.  If an SMSF loses its status as a complying fund, it will no longer receive concessional tax treatment which is highly undesirable and may lead to significant consequences for the members of the fund.

Our highly experienced team will keep your fund up-to-date with current legislation and new developments in superannuation law.

Trust Deed Service

The primary source for all the rights, powers and other rules that govern a superannuation fund is its governing rules, set out in or attached to its trust deed.  Without a good quality trust deed the trustee may lack important powers for the fully effective operation of the fund.

Our comprehensive trust deed service ensures that the trustees have all the necessary powers to legally administer the fund.

  • The governing rules are continuously updated automatically eliminating the need for paperwork
  • The continual update service ensures that your trust deed is always compliant avoiding potential legal and taxation problems
  • You have access to your trust deed 24/7